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War Memorial from St Saviour’s, Chandos Road

War Memorial from St Saviour's, Chandos Road

The war memorial from St Saviour’s Church, the Chandos Road half of our parish, has now been restored and installed high up in the south gallery. Whilst we apologise that it is not more visible and accessible – this being the only wall surface large enough to accommodate it, it is a very fine piece of wood carving, and in much the same style as that of our existing panelling. If you would like to see it more closely, please ask to go into the gallery. The church is generally open on weekdays between 9.30am and 11.30am.

The centre panel is the memorial for the First World War, and the smaller side panels are the memorial for the Second World War.

The wording of the centre panel reads: “To the glory of God and in memory of the men (50) from this parish who fell in the Great War 1914 -1919”:

E M Reeves, W D Turner, A C Trowbridge, S H Waxley, V L Palmer, O J G Edmonds, F Q Deakin, E L Moore, J A J Stodgell, C A Brown, H T Dore, H R Reeves, R G Gibbs, C O Moore, A H Gentle, F G Morgan, C G Pickard, W E Milliner, C C R Atkinson, E J Grigg, H G Phippen, S V Watton, N M H Atkinson, S G Bigwood, F W Fitzgibbon, H R Lambert, R J C Nurse, E A Edge, F S Barber, J T Inman, A L Chivers, L C Pickard, P J Bevin, W W Beer, F H Byrt, A Willis, G S Lovering, J R F Gubbin, H F Moore, H C Tovey, F E Compton, W H Attwood, P D Brown, T W H Hayes, F J Bridle, H N Hore, E B Drake, T J Williams, J W Scott, R O Jones.

Such a huge number, from such a small parish, and probably mainly from its cherished 17 – 25 year old youth…..

The wording of the side panels reads: “1939-45 – Let us also remember those (14) who laid down their lives in the Second World War” and “Their bodies are buried in peace, but their name liveth for evermore”:

V W W Beer, R J B Bush, K J Chard, L F Edwards, R C Percival, W H Targett, H Tozer, R E J White, R H Willis, D L Oakes, J Glanville, D E Lewis, P M Smith, J T Peters.

Another Beer, and another Willis…… such is the tragedy of war, and one within the living memory o f quite a few in our congregation…

By this installation, we fulfil the promise that the names will live for evermore; we poignantly remind ourselves of the tragedy of all wars, and of modern wars where the local losses of life are quite as high, quite as young, and quite as real.

Nigel Seaman